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Dear Athlete,


Welcome on your website which help you training better, we hope, for your favorite sport, with lower cost.


Know that the Company RPGD-SPORT was founded in 2011 by four partners who have over 60 years of experience in the field of sport especially in bodybuilding and powerlifting.
So we invite you to browse through the four main headings:
- Major brands of NUTRITION previously selected for their quality at an optimized price (protein, whey, gainer, amino acids, ...).
To quickly reach your goals !!!
- A range of CLOTHING (shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, ...) and fun trend for training. To be simply the most beautifull, the most handsome !!!
- EQUIPMENT of our own brand specifically dedicated to powerlifting.
To lift heavier safely !!!
- The TECHNICAL apparel of powerlifting (shirt, suit, belt, belts, ...).
To protect your body and reach your limits!!!
So, dear athlete, thank you for your visit but after your order ... swith off your  computer and go to gym !!!
   Roger, Patrick, Gilles et David are at your disposal.
!!! RPGD-SPORT helps you in pain !!!

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